Claim Your Fame For A Cause

Now all children and teens (even adults & seniors) - can 
claim their fame, as Prime Time TV Commercial stars,
magazine and brochure models, a
uthors, poets, jingle
writers, artists, musicians, composers, s
ingers, dancers,
actors or comics, g
uaranteed. There's no judging, and no
experience is necessary! Claim Your Fame For A Cause,
features beginner, intermediate and advanced "American
Idol-Like" opportunities - filmed LOCALLY in NJ.
Great for professional talents as well.

Two signifcant features of this concept are the affordability
and convenience factors. With the economy as it is, and family schedules so intense, it is difficult to invest large portions of money or time, traveling our children to auditions and perpectual lessons. Claim Your Fame has been formed to significantly allow our children's artistic ambitions and dreams, not to be shattered. Claim Your Fame has addressed this issue magnificently. A portion of all modest production donations, and talent course proceeds - is donated to charities to enhance children's lives, and the Arts of New Jersey. No need to schlep into New York City. No time consuming heart breaking "look sees." Just guaranteed stardom for kids with serious talent, or just for the fun of it,
in 3-6 simple steps.


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